Tianguo Marching Band of Canada was formed in Toronto April 2006.

Uniquely diverse with around 180 members from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, Tianguo Marching Band of Canada truly represents the multicultural society we are so proud of and support and has become the largest predominantly Chinese marching band in Canada.

Along with practicing their instruments each member practices Falun Dafa exercises and its creed of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance inspires them to perform with strength of heart and moral character.

Music is the universal language that overcomes all boundaries of cultures and creeds and Tianguo Marching Band of Canada brings happiness and applause wherever they perform. To hear them is to love them.

The Tian Guo Marching Band of Canada operates under the Lian Hua Arts Group, a registered no-profit organization in Canada dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese cultural art forms.


Activities We Support

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Organizer Testimonial

This band is very famous, and that is why we decided to invite them this time. What a terrific performance

[/pb_testimonial_item][pb_testimonial_item elm_title="Toronto Easter Parade, April 20, 2014" name="Keith Begley " name_height="14" name_color="#464646" job_title="The parade director" country="Canada" web_url="http://" image_file="images/canada.jpg" ]

Organizer Testimonial

"Falun Gong is the best”. Anna, a new resident to the area stated, “ As sunny as the weather, they bring hope to the world."

[/pb_testimonial_item][pb_testimonial_item elm_title="Calgary Stampede Parade, July 3rd, 2015" name="Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP" name_height="14" name_color="#000000" job_title="Minister of National Defence, Canada" country="Canada" web_url="http://" image_file="images/canada.jpg" ]

Organizer Testimonial

On July 3rd, I participated in the Calgary Stampede Parade and was pleased to see members of Canada’s Falun Dafa community joining in the festivities.

The Falun Dafa community was represented by practitioners in traditional dresses, the Divine Land Marching Band, dressed in blue and white, and the “heavenly maidens”, who wore beautiful pink dresses. The community also had a wonderful float. The Calgary Stampede Parade is a great expression of multiculturalism and pluralism in Canada, with the Falun Dafa community being an integral part of it.

I thought you might enjoy these pictures — as always, please share with your friends and family.


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